Robots taking over: Ironhide, Twins and Megatron revealed

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As we get closer to the June 26th release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we can expect that more and more bits will leak out regarding the various plot lines and, more importantly for Autoblog, the robots and their alt-mode vehicles. Such is the case today with new images and a few details regarding Ironhide, the Chevy Beat and Trax "Twins" and Megatron, who may or may not make a return appearance in the sequel.
After looking at the pics, which are from the website for Activision's Transformers: The Game (it's since been taken down), we're a bit worried the Twins that we expect to transform into the Chevy Beat and Trax will take on a Jar Jar-like role in ROTF, but we remain hopeful after our early misgivings regarding the first film were (mostly, some, not at all?) unfounded. Megatron is sporting a different look too, with what some believe are tank treads on his legs. Want more? A trailer for the upcoming movie is scheduled for the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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