More pics of the Nissan 370Z NISMO S-Tune

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Today we bring you more pictures of the Nissan 370Z NISMO S-Tune Package adding to the already leaked collection we saw earlier.

The S-Tune Package is made by Nissan’s in-house tuning department for the new 2009 Fairlady Z (that’s what the Nissan 370Z goes by in Japan). The kit includes a new aerodynamic body kit consisting of a new front lip spoiler, new nose piece, side skirts, a rear spoiler, rear fenders and Nissan NISMO floor mats. Performance wise Nissan added a NISMO S-Tune suspension kit, a NISMO stainless exhaust system, S-Tube break pads and 19-inch Nismo LMZ5 wheels.


2009 Nissan 370Z S-tune NISMO

The latest Z-car as decorated by NISMO—for Japan. Will we see these parts in the States?


NISMO, Nissan’s in-house tuning arm, is responsible for producing variants of various vehicles as well as a line of performance parts. So when we first caught wind of a Nissan 370Z (or Fairlady Z as it’s called in its homeland) all decked out NISMO-style—leaked images have been clogging the Internet’s many tubes, including at—the possibility of improvements to what we’ve found to be an already-potent performance package intrigued us. After all, Nissan offered a NISMO 350Z here for 2007 as a kind of swan song for that model, and although it wasn’t the most appealing Z-car to look at, the package managed to improve the car’s track prowess for a premium of roughly $2000.

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On The Green Bandwagon With Nissan

Nissan shows off some future tech tricks.


After years of pushing performance, Nissan is now scrambling to catch Honda and Toyota in the runaway green market. The company summoned journalists to its headquarters near Yokohama, Japan, for a peekaboo at forthcoming environmental and safety tech. Here’s an appetizer:

What: Rear-drive hybrid transmission for V-6 engines.When: 2010.How: Unlike Toyota’s hybrid transmissions, which are continuously variable, the Nissan transmission from Japanese supplier Jatco has seven speeds. A husky flywheel motor/generator sandwiched between the transmission and engine can be the sole source of power up to a lofty 60 mph before the engine switches on. There is no torque converter. Electrohydraulic clutches at both ends of the transmission govern power flow, allowing the motor to propel the car while decoupling the engine, the engine to stop and start while the car is rolling, and if necessary, the engine to charge the lithium-ion battery pack while the car is stopped. A supplemental electric pump supplies transmission- and clutch-oil pressures at stops.Driving: The 3.5-liter V-6 Nissan Skyline prototype (Infiniti G35 in the U.S.) steps off with a V-8’s snap on combined engine/electric power. Step lightly, and it accelerates on electric to 25–30 mph. Going faster on electrics alone requires a feather-light foot on the gas. Most EVs have no step gears, so the silent upshifts of the seven-speed feel strange. At a 60-mph coast, the engine will shut off. Nissan was mum on power output and fuel savings, but we estimate motor power in the 125-to-150-horsepower range and combined output at 350 to 375 horses, with combined fuel economy a couple of mpg below 30.

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2009 Nissan Rogue Review

2009 Nissan Rogue
2009 Nissan Rogue

Among the sea of other crossover SUVs on the market today is the Nissan Rogue. A sort of mini-Murano, the Rogue blurs the lines between car and SUV. Built off of a Nissan Sentra platform, the Murano’s little brother handles and acts like a car, but with the space and convenience of an SUV.

New for 2009

The 2009 Nissan Rogue is mostly unchanged from 2008, which was its first year. The only difference is more options for the SL trim such as a trip computer, speed-sensitive door locks, an outdoor temp display, dual-level center console tray, mood lighting, and a few other small things.

Options and Trims

Trim Levels

2009 Nissan Rogue

The 2009 Nissan Rogue comes in two trims: S and SL, both available in either front-wheel-drive (FWD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD). The S trim is the base model, coming standard with the basics: 16-inch steel wheels, A/C, cruise control, ABS, keyless entry, a tilt steering wheel, power accessories, and a basic 4-speaker sound system with auxiliary jack and a single disc CD player.

Stepping up into the SL trim gets you 17-inch alloy wheels, body-color power outside mirrors, roof rails, 6-way adjustable driver’s seat, rear tinted glass and a polished exhaust-tip. The Rogue SL will also give you additional options: Manual shift mode with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, HID headlights, trip computer, fog lights, Bose audio system with in-dash 6-CD changer and 8 speakers, XM Satellite Radio, Intelligent Key keyless entry and ignition, Bluetooth connectivity, leather seats, and a rear foldable cargo organizer. Many of these are in the form of a Premium package and Leather package. The SL upgrade will cost you around $1,500 more, plus the options.

Additional options for both trims include a power moonroof, rear spoiler, splash guards, and other accessories.

Engines and Drivetrain

Both the S and SL Rogues are powered by a 170 horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT.) There are no other options for the Rogue, but there doesn’t need to be. The drivetrain works fine and gets good fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

MPG (city/hwy)







Fuel economy is similar to that of other small SUVs, but it would be nice if it could get that economy without the CVT, as it’s not for everybody.


2009 Nissan Rogue interior

The word I hear most commonly used to describe the Rogue is “cute.” While it may be considered a mini-Murano, the Rogue has a far more conservative design than its bigger brother. The new Murano design is ugly (in my opinion) compared to the previous design, but the Rogue has a sleek style that makes up for it.

Inside, the Rogue is just as conservative. The red and black cloth seats are nice (although a bit over-done.) Controls are right where they should be, and the steering wheel controls are great to have, although there are too many lined up on the wheel, which can get confusing sometimes. Depending on your tastes, the conservative interior (I’d call it bland) is good or bad, but compared to many other small SUV competitors such as the exceptional Toyota RAV4, it needs sprucing-up.


2009 Nissan Rogue

Our test car: Nissan Rogue SL FWD with Premium package and moonroof.
MSRP: $26,120

The Rogue is one of the best in the small SUV segment in terms of handling. Build on top of the Nissan Sentra platform, the Rogue is tight around turns and feels like a car, but could use better road feel, as you’ll feel disconnected from the driving experience from time to time. Ride comfort in the Rogue was surprisingly smooth and comfy. The excellent car-like handling of the Rogue should not be ignored, as it does a better job at it than any other small SUV I’ve driven.

The mandatory 2.5-liter engine was suited very well for the Rogue. While the 170 horsepower didn’t knock my socks off, it was capable enough for anything you’d need to do in a small SUV.

So what didn’t I like about the Rogue? Well, the seats don’t hold the driver in place as well as they could, and the driving position is too high for taller drivers like myself. Nissan has also made the rear quarter windows into a rearward-facing triangle, effectively reducing rearward visibility. Lastly, the CVT felt very “rubber band-y,” especially when getting into higher RPMs. The constant drone of the engine while the CVT keeps it in the same RPM range throughout the acceleration quickly becomes annoying.

Pricing and Warranty

The 2009 Nissan Rogue starts at $19,430 for base trim and FWD. Stepping into the SL trim is an extra $1,540, and upgrading from FWD to AWD on either trim will cost $1,200.

· 3-year/36,000-mile Basic Warranty
· 5-year/60,000-mile Drivetrain
· 3-year/36,000-mile Roadside
· 5-year/unlimited-mileage Rust

Before You Buy

Most people who check out the Rogue are going to like it, due mostly to its car-like handling, smooth ride, and cute looks. Something to keep in mind though - make sure the cargo space is enough for you, as some competitors offer more space than the Rogue. Also make sure the transmission is good enough for you by running it through hard acceleration on city streets and highway. Lastly, pay special attention to the lack of rearward visibility due to the rear quarter window, making sure it won’t be a problem.


Toyota RAV4
Hyundai Santa Fe
Honda CR-V
Ford Escape
Mitsubishi Outlander


Nissan Going Commercial: Armada, QX56 SUVs, Quest Minivan to Make Way for New NV-Series Vehicles

Nissan's New Commercial Vans - Auto News - Motor Trend
Nissan's NV2500 Concept Highlights Automaker's Coming Shift From Light Trucks to Commercial Trucks

Nissan is about to transform its Canton, Mississippi, assembly plant from light trucks to commercial trucks. The Nissan Quest minivan, Armada and Infiniti QX56 SUVs will be phased out in 2010 when the Japanese automaker begins building at Canton a 2011 model year truck based on the Cummins-powered NV2500 concept. Nissan also is looking into the small delivery-truck business that Ford hopes to transform with its European Transit Connect scheduled for sale in North America this summer. The Nissan Titan light-duty pickup truck, introduced for the 2004 model year, will be replaced with a 2011 model built on the Dodge Ram chassis in a Mexican Chrysler plant, presuming the American automaker is still in business.


Nissan Quest, Armada and Infiniti QX56 likely to be phased out

Nissan’s new NV2500 concept hints at what Nissan’s first commercial-vehicle market will look like when it enters the North American market in 2010. According to Motor Trend, production will take place at Nissan’s Canton Mississippi plant where the Quest minivan and Armada and Infiniti QX56 SUVs are built.

Sources say that the three vehicles are likely to be phased out when the NV2500 enters production for the 2011 model year. No confirmation has been made by Nissan as of yet, but it is unclear whether Nissan will move the models to another facility, replace them with Japanese models or phase them out altogether.

All three vehicles have taken a major hit this year. November sales of the Armada SUV dropped 70.5 percent in November - down 49.1 percent so far this year. The Infiniti QX56 was down 53.3 percent in November and down 33.6 percent in 2008. Quest is doing the worst out of all three models down 81.3 percent in November and down 33.3 percent this year.


2009 Nissan 370Z - First Drive Review

Now we see Z light: And many thanks for not screwing up a pretty good thing.


The “Year of the GT-R” is finally behind us, but Nissan isn’t done polishing its brass knuckles. Attention now snaps back to Nissan’s original and more affordable asphalt punk, the Z. Launched in 2002—ancient days for a sports coupe, which is always a fast-burning candle—the Z was obscured all last year by Godzilla’s long shadow. For 2009 it breaks cover, the 350Z now transformed into the shorter, scrappier 370Z.

The Andrew Jackson added to the name means more motor. The V-6 is now 3.7 liters instead of 3.5, thanks to a 4.6-millimiter stroke stretch. Sound familiar? This is the Infiniti G37’s four-cam, 24-valve V-6, new in 2008 and called the VQ37HR.

In the Z, it shares the Infiniti’s power ratings of 330 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque, up 24 and two, respectively, from the 3.5. Written out that way, it sounds like much ado about not much. Well, Nissan says the 3.7 should cleave a couple of 10ths from the 0-to-60-mph score, down to five seconds flat, a difference your personal whupass meter should register. During a drive of a tape-masked prototype, ours did, and we noted stronger pulls out of corners and more torque in the midsection. However, the prosaic whir heard in the cockpit from the big six is no more scintillating near the 7500-rpm redline. The Z’s rumble sounds bad-ass from the sidewalk, but it still desperately needs an inside voice.

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Nissan phasing out production of Armada and Infiniti QX56 SUVs

Nissan is reportedly phasing out production of a number of its large vehicles at its Mississippi plant, including the Nissan Quest people mover, Nissan Armada SUV and the Armada-based Infiniti QX56. Production in the Mississippi plant will instead focus on a new large vehicle inspired by the NV2500 Concept unveiled just last month. While Nissan is yet to confirm the demise of its fullsize SUVs, vehicles like the Armada and the Infiniti QX56 have all performed poorly in terms of sales this year, making it more and more likely that they will be dropped soon – plus the fact that strict CAFE regulations are just around the corner.


Nissan Nuvu

Nissan_Nuvu Nissan Nuvu
Este prototipo de Nissan es un auto eléctrico que mide apenas tres metros de largo y fue pensado como un utilitario. Tiene solamente 3 plazas ya que se pensó un espacio para llevar la carga, el conductor viaja en el asiento mas grande, mientras que a la derecha tiene dos asientos para los acompañantes.

El Nissan Nuvu tiene varias características sobresalientes, para empezar podemos mencionar su interior que tiene un techo de cristal con paneles solares y esta decorado con materiales orgánicos que simulan un árbol y sus hojas. Este árbol en el interior no solamente da sombra al habitáculo sino que genera energía solar a través de sus “hojas”.

Nissan_Nuvu-2 Nissan Nuvu

Su sistema motriz anticipa la próxima fabricación de vehículos eléctricos. por lo que el Nissan Nuvu tendrá cero emisiones gracias a su planta motriz eléctrica.

Nissan_Nuvu+2 Nissan Nuvu


Hennessey unveils Godzilla 700 package for Nissan GT-R

American tuning workshop Hennessey Performance is renowned for its work with the Dodge Viper, but now the firm has reworked the formidable Nissan GT-R - taking it beyond supercar performance and up into the hypercar arena. Starting with the 2009 model-year GT-R, the Texas-based company upgrades power to a lofty 700hp (522kW) - over 225hp (168kW) more than the standard car. Peak torque has also been increased to 630lb-ft (853Nm). These figures are achieved through a number of upgrades to the GT-R's induction and exhaust systems, including a pair of new turbochargers, an upgraded boost controller, and new intercoolers to complement the blowers.


Report: Nissan to flood U.S. with new utility vehicles

Nissan will be rewarding its commercial vehicle dealers with a number of vehicles that will not be available to dealers specializing solely in passenger vehicles. Apart from Nissan's new range of light commercial vehicles, such as the NV2500-inspired truck that we reported on earlier, Automotive News reports that commercial dealers will likely get products such as small vans, wagons, pickups and even taxi models, expected to go on sale in 2010. Joe Castelli, Nissan North America's vice-president for light commercial vehicles stated Nissan will consider importing cars from Japan especially for commercial dealers, such as a van based on Nissan's current small car platform that underscores models such as the Nissan Versa and Nissan Cube.


Hennessey tunes the Nissan GT-R: 600-hp or 700-hp upgrades available

When you think of the word “Hennessey” you’re most likely to think of the prominent French winery. However, when you think of the words “Hennessey Performance” you’re most likely to think of a Dodge Viper or crazy amounts of horsepower in a true American muscle car. Well the company that’s 45 miles west of Houston, Texas is about to change all that with their latest performance upgrade offerings for the new king of Japan - Nissan GT-R - otherwise known as Godzilla.

The first performance upgrade package is called the Godzilla 600 and offers the Nissan GT-R 600-hp with a maximum torque of 570 lb-ft. The second package, the Godzilla 700, gives the GT-R 700-hp with a peak torque of 630 lb-ft.

Of course all this extra power is going to come at some extra cost. Besides the arm and leg that you’re going to pay for the Nissan GT-R, Hennessey is asking for $14,500 (installed) for the Godzilla 600 package and $24,500 for the Godzilla 700 package.


Review: 2009 Nissan 370Z

Question: How do you age a car ten years in seven? Answer: release the world beating GT-R. Sure, cars have advanced considerably since the 350Z debuted in 2002, but after riding around in one a coupe months back the truth became self-evident: this dog no longer hunts. In fact, it felt like a 4th Gen Camaro -- all engine and odd squeaks. No one saw the writing on the wall as clearly as Nissan. Hence the brand spanking nouveau 370Z. But is it any good?


Nissan to cut production by 78,000 units

Nissan announced today that it would cut production by 78,000 vehicles and reduce its work force by 500 temporary workers. It said that “further reduction is necessary to manage inventory levels and ensure a balanced production supply, in response to continued declines in global vehicle sales.”

The Japanese automaker said that it will implement non-operating days and reduce production line speed at its Kyushu plant along with its Yokohama Iwaki plant. The VQ engine assembly line will be reduced to one shift as of mid-January.

Over the last year, Nissan has cut production by a total of 225,000 units or 16 percent of its initial production forecast for the fiscal year 2008.

Source Nissan (via Detroit News)


Video: 2008 BMW 135 vs. 2009 Nissan 370Z

The fastest production Nissan ‘Z’ has landed and is ready to change the sports coupe segment forever - well, according to InsideLine. Powered by a 3.7L VQ37VHR that makes 332-hp, the 2009 Nissan 370Z offers Porsche Cayman S performance for a price that’s significantly below - at $29,930.

The folks at InsideLine decided to pin the new ‘Z’ up against the BMW 135i which offers similar technical specs at $5,000 more.

Who’s the clear winner? Check out the video after the jump.


2009 Nissan 370Z: 3.7L VQ37VHR making 332-hp with a peak torque of 270 lb-ft. 0 to 60 comes in at 5.1 seconds.
2008 BMW 135: 3.0L twin-turbo inline-6 making 306-hp with maximum torque of 300 lb-ft. 0 to 60 mph comes in at 5.1 seconds.


Video: Garage419 races Nissan GT-R against Hertz Rental Corvette with NOS

By: JF Musial

Thirty years ago, driving a high performance car on the track took a lot of balls. There were no computers actively balancing the suspension while driving at the limit. Either you took a turn properly or you wound up in the wall. Today, we have cars like the Nissan GT-R; a car that will make any amateur look just as good as a professional.  The GT-R is no doubt a great car, especially for under $100,000. But is it really all that its cracked up to be?  We wanted to find out, with a typical American test. The drag race.

Last month, while on location in Los Angeles for the auto show, we were given the opportunity to test drive the new Nissan GT-R. Our good friends at provided us the car for a week and even said we could use launch control.  Gene, one of the Producers on Garage419, has always been anti GT-R. While we were out in the field test driving and filming the car, Gene did everything he could to convince us that Godzilla was no more than just a silly man dressed up in a costume. The heated arguments eventually led to a bet between him and our host, Matt Farah.

The challenge was simple: Gene claimed that with $500, he could beat the GT-R. We put him to the test as we gave him $500 from our production budget and told him to meet us the next day at Race Legal in San Diego; an event established by former police offers looking to cut down illegal street racing. Guess what Gene did….


Nissan GT-R Spec-V pre-orders start tomorrow

Details for the 2010 Nissan GT-R Spec-V were announced earlier this month and according to GTRBlog the lighter and faster GT-R will go on sale in Japan tomorrow (Dec. 19, 2008). While pre-orders of the Nissan GT-R Spec-V will supposedly start tomorrow, pricing has yet to be revealed.

The Nissan GT-R Spec-V will be available in just 7 national dealerships (listed after the jump). The GT-R Spec-V will also be on display at four Nissan Galleries around Japan during the week of Jan. 9 including Nissan’s headquarters, Tokyo Ginza, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. We’re guessing that Nissan originally had plans to reveal the GT-R Spec-V at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show; however, the Japanese automaker has already pulled its presence at the show next month.

You can read more about the technical specs here. We’ll bring official details and pictures when we get them.

Nissan GT-R Spec-V will be available to order at the dealerships listed below:

    - Ibaraki Nissan Mito Senba Showroom
    - Nissan Prince Tokyo Kameido Showroom
    - Nissan Prince Nagoya Fukiage Showroom
    - Nissan Prince Osaka Horie-Kawaguchi Showroom
    - Nissan Prince Kagawa Takamatsu Showroom
    - Nissan Prince Hyougo Nada Showroom
    - Yamaguchi Nissan Ogori-Inter Showroom

Source: GTRBlog


Cobra N+ offers a 550-hp Nissan GT-R, 620-hp upgrade in the works

Cobra N+ is known for exclusively customizing and tuning Nissan automobiles, so it’s only fair that the tuning firm takes a shot at the new (now) 485-hp twin-turbo V6 Nissan GT-R. The Cobra N+ engineers are already hard work at the first tuning stage for the GT-R - which means there is more to come from Cobra N+ in the future.
The first stage is projected to deliver a total of 550-hp with a peak torque of 501 lb-ft. Engineers will be reprogramming the ECU, boosting pressure by 0.15 bar and modifying the air intake with sport air filters to achieve the upgrade. A Cobra N+ stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts will also be fitted to the GT-R. 0 to 62 mph comes in 3.5 seconds like the production GT-R but top speed has been increased from 193 mph to 199 mph. Is it worth it? Probably not if you ask us. Nonetheless, Cobra N+ assures us that plans exist for a 620-hp in the near future.

Cobra N+ will also offers a sportier coil-over suspension, 21-inch light-alloy wheels, upgraded 8-piston brake calipers with 405-mm brake discs on the front axle, and a visually appealing aerodynamic body kit. Inside, buyers can opt for luxurious interior with sewn upholstery for the seats and doors made from a combination of leather and Alcantara or go for a more racing look with light carbon-fiber racing seats, six-point seat belts and a roll cage.


Transmission Goes BOOM: Samurai Speed Nissan GT-R Blows Tranny At Drag Strip

Everyone is bickering over Nissan pulling the plug on launch control on the Nissan GT-R… well maybe just the GT-R owners and those who plan on purchasing one. This may be one reason they pulled the launch control on the GT-R, the transmission just can’t handle it maybe? Well, this GT-R had about 700HP so I guess something is bound to break!

Below is a video of the Samurai Speed Nissan GT-R blowing a transmission at the drag strip. You are supposed to see a Nissan GT-R run a time of 10.5 seconds at 128 MPH in the quarter mile but not this time. One GT-R makes it, the other is not so lucky. This is the sound of $20 grand going up in smoke… literally. God bless the owner of this car because he will have to pay out of pocket to fix this one. I am sure it wont be an issue considering the second video shows that this GT-R is tuned and that takes a bit of money!


Review: 2009 Nissan 370Z

Question: How do you age a car ten years in seven? Answer: release the world beating GT-R. Sure, cars have advanced considerably since the 350Z debuted in 2002, but after riding around in one a coupe months back the truth became self-evident: this dog no longer hunts. In fact, it felt like a 4th Gen Camaro -- all engine and odd squeaks. No one saw the writing on the wall as clearly as Nissan. Hence the brand spanking nouveau 370Z. But is it any good?


Nissan NV200 Offers Best In Class Cargo Efficiency

Nissan NV200 Offers Best In Class Cargo Efficiency

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, announced today that its all-new NV200 compact van will offer best in class cargo efficiency when it goes on sale in 2009. Nissan’s engineers have made it possible to combine large cargo space (NV200 will offer the possibility to load up to 4.1 cubic metres) with the exterior dimensions of a [...]


Spy shots: FIA-GT1 Nissan GT-R race car prototype

Just when you think there’s nothing more to see or read about Nissan’s GT-R supercar, images of a mysterious prototype start to crop up on the internet. The latest shot depicts a car with several features you would normally find on a GT style race car, leading to speculation that Nissan is planning to take its GT-R into the international motorsports arena. According to Japan’s Auto Sport magazine, where this image was sourced, Nissan is planning an assault on the FIA-GT1 series or possibly Le Mans endurance racing.
Nissan GT-R FIA-GT1 race car prototype spy shots


Australian firm working on beefed-up Nissan GT-R gearbox

Rumors, reports and even the odd video of its slick dual-clutch AWD gearbox grenading itself into oblivion have plagued the Nissan GT-R since shortly after its release into the wild. A short while later we learned that using the undocumented AWD launch control feature could void the relevant sections powertrain warranty, Nissan followed that up with a decision to strip the troublesome feature from 2010 models. Now a team of Aussie engineers from Pfitzner's Performance Gearboxes (PPG) are working to become the first to offer a more durable upgrade alternative for those that insist on relentlessly hammering their trannies at the strip. So far little is known about the mechanics underlying the upgrade, but it's being built for Samurai Speed and Titan Motorsports who are cooperating on a 600hp+ (447kW+) engine.


Branew to unveil tuning packages for the Nissan 370Z

Branew in Japan has revealed its body styling kit for the new 2009 Nissan 370Z. The new kit seems to be anything but simple or functional consisting of a new underbody lip kit in either carbon fiber or fiberglass reinforced plastic. The Branew body kit also consists of a new front, side and rear parts. The tuner will also add a giant rear spoiler made of lightweight carbon fiber. As for the shoes, from the images it seems like Branew will throw on 22-inch wheels.

Branew is currently working on engine upgrades including a new titanium and steel exhaust system, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades and ECU modifications.

The complete Branew package for the 2009 Nissan 370Z will make its debut at next week’s Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan.


Power Enterprise offers up to 650-hp upgrade for Nissan GT-R

If the 475-hp is not enough for you and your Nissan GT-R, Power Enterprise has announced two performance upgrades for Nissan GT-R owners. First up is the 35GTR 560-hp upgrade kit which includes P-Map ECU, PWR Air Impulse II air filters and intake piping kit. Next is the 35GTR 600-hp kit which adds a Supersonic Titanium 89mm diameter exhaust and upgraded wastegate actuators to the first kit.

Power Enterprise says it is also working on a Power Enterprise Four Charger System. What is Power Enterprise Four Charger System? It adds a pair of Rotrex C30-94 superchargers to the already twin-turbo V6 setup of the standard Nissan GT-R. That’s good for a total of 650-hp

Power Enterprise will show the cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week.


2009 Nissan GT-R Horsepower: The Truth

2009 Nissan GT-R Horsepower: The Truth - Nissan GT-R Dyno Run - Motor Trend
We Unravel Nissan's Performance Secret Through Another Set of Dyno Tests

Yes, we have already dynoed Nissan's GT-R and we made some very controversial claims as to the true power output of said GT-R. The unknown in that test was the elusive "driveline losses." That's the amount of power lost to inertia of spinning parts like gears and driveshafts and friction in the transmission, U-joints, axles, etc., which have traditionally had to be estimated. We used the conservative estimate of 15% that's usually used for simple manuals, but this one uses twin hydraulically actuated clutches, includes all-wheel drive, with two separate prop shafts, so we considered our estimate conservative. Our Dynojet inertia-type machine indicated a mean output of 430.6 hp at 6700 rpm and 425.3 lb-ft at 3900 rpm, which we interpreted as 507 hp and 500 lb-ft after accounting for the 15% loss.


Nissan announces 2009 370Z pricing details and new tagline

Nissan has dropped the pricing details along with a revised marketing tagline for the 332-hp 2009 Nissan 370Z coupe. The new Z goes on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide with an MSRP starting at $29,930 for the base model equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and $31,230 with the new 7-speed automatic transmission. Pricing for the 2009 Nissan 370Z Touring model starts at $34,460 with the 6-speed and $35,760 with the 7-speed automatic.

Buyers can chose from two packages including the $3,000 Sport Package and the $1,850 Navigation Package. The Sport Package gives you 19-inch RAYS forged wheels and Bridgestone Potenza tires, aerodynamic front and rear spoiler, larger Nissan Sport Brakes, SynchroRev Match (6-speed manual transmission only) and Viscous Limited Slip Differential. The Navigation Package will get you hard drive-based Nissan Navigation System, 9.3GB Music Box Hard Drive and Interface System for your iPod.

Oh and let’s not forget about the new revised marketing tagline: SHIFT_the way you move.  Nissan says the new tagline reflects alignment of the direction Nissan is taking to meet changing consumer needs and wants. Awesome.


Nissan 370Z goes on sale today, priced at $29,930

A simplified trim lineup and just a handful of available configurations for 2009 make the new Nissan 370Z a simpler car than its predecessor, but paradoxically, new features and options have made the car considerably more complex. Starting sales today at $29,930 for the six-speed manual-equipped coupe, the new Z is priced aggressively considering its performance targets. Whether the 370Z can reach its goal of competing successfully with the Boxster and its ilk remains to be seen in full testing, but at a glance, the car offers a lot for its price.


Hyper Power International Dyno Claims First Accurate Measurement Of Driveline Losses With Nissan GT-R [Nissan GT-R]

Horsepower at the flywheel or wheels? It's an important distinction in powertrain bragging rights. Thanks to dyno wizardry from Hyper Power International, you can now know both. MT's tried it first with the GT-R.

It's always been tough to stack up raw engine power output of the car against at-the-pavement performance. This has been the problem with dynos in the past, you either measure power on an engine dyno and don't know the power to the wheels or measure on a chassis dyno and don't know how much power the engine really makes. Rule of thumb driveline losses are never satisfying in either case and that's where Hyper Power International comes in.

Apparently, their dyno looks like any other four-wheel chassis dyno, with four big rollers to strap a car onto and sophisticated measurement equipment to test maximum output. The trick comes in when you've finished a pull and the system asks you to put the car in neutral. As the wheels and the rollers slow down, the dyno which was just used to measure power is now able to measure losses. By comparing the normal slowdown of the rollers against the slowdown with the car and all of its drag from gears, bearings, differentials and so on it can determine real driveline losses.

Motor Trend's Frank Markus was the first journo to test out the system and considering the constant automaker slap-fight surrounding the Nissan GT-R, Godzilla was the only choice for the test. The results are pretty interesting — it looks like the initial Nissan HP claims have been accurate. Of course, now there will just be naysayers wanting to see engine dyno versus chassis dyno versus Hyper Power dyno results now just to confirm Nissan isn't a den of cheaters. And by naysayers we mean Porsche. [MotorTrend]


Dyno tests confirm Nissan GT-R drivetrain loss, power ratings

Testing cars for power ratings is a tough and tricky business - accounting for different conditions, locations, equipment and techniques can make it tough to generalize results. And to make matters worse, there is often a lot of guesswork employed to get between real, delivered wheel horsepower and output at the crankshaft, or vice-versa. A recent test of Nissan's GT-R has answered some of the ongoing questions of how it performs so well, however, and taken a good bit of the fiction out of the process. Rumors and reports from around the web have been claiming Nissan's stated figures for the GT-R's twin-turbo V6 are understated ever since it began its remarkable climb up the many performance charts.


Nissan Announces 2009 370Z Coupe Pricing and New Corporate Tagline - Car News

The Z car continues to offer kick-butt bang for the buck, and Nissan SHIFTS_its marketing message.


However ready Nissan was to unveil its 2009 370Z coupe at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show, it wasn’t ready to tell us how much it planned to charge for it. Indeed, Nissan waited until the day the 370Z went on sale to finally announce pricing for the latest—and perhaps greatest—Z car yet.

With just two trim levels in place of the five offered on the 350Z coupe, the 370Z coupe starts at $30,625 for a base model equipped with the six-speed manual and $31,925 with the seven-speed automatic. The better-equipped 370Z Touring starts at $35,155 with the stick and $36,455 for the automatic. That’s a jump of nearly $1500 from the 2008 coupe’s $29,205 sticker, but considering the magnitude of improvements made inside, outside, and under its brazen new skin, the 350Z’s bang-for-the-buck appeal remains without question.

Keep Reading: Nissan Announces 2009 370Z Coupe Pricing and New Corporate Tagline - Car News


Report: Nissan 370Z S-Tune headed Stateside by June 2009

Nissan's performance and tuning arm, Nissan Motorsport - or Nismo - is prepping an S-Tune package for Japanese buyers of the all-new 2009 370Z, but so far there's been no official word that the kit would be headed to the U.S. Now a report has emerged that the kit will be coming to America, and it will be here by June 2009. The report is still unofficial, but according to the gang at GTChannel, the kit will indeed be sold in the U.S. in about six months. The 370Z was just released for official sale in the U.S.
2009 Nissan 370Z Coupe


Branew to unveil tuner kit for new Nissan 370Z

Click above for a gallery of the Branew 2009 Nissan 370Z

Nissan sportscars - the Z included - are a popular base for tuners, so it should come as no surprise that, with the newly revised 370Z just revealed, the JDM aftermarket is already lining up with their range of extras. Next up to bat is Branew, the Japanese tuner whose GT-R we spotted at SEMA wearing giant 23-inch rims.
The Branew 370Z offers a remapped ECU, tightened suspension and upgraded brakes, as well as an aero package complete with front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and wing. A variety of wheel options in various unreasonable sizes are also expected to be offered when Branew unveils the full package in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon. In the meantime, you can check out the pair of images in the gallery below.


Video: 2009 Nissan 370Z ad spots revealed

After a hard night of partying, we’re going to help you ease into 2009 with some commercials. Nissan has dropped three new ad sports for the 332-hp 2009 Nissan 370Z.

In one of the commercials, we get to see the use of the new SHIFT_the way you move” tagline. Pricing for the 2009 Nissan 370Z was revealed earlier this week. The new ‘Z’ will start at $29,930 and is now in showrooms ready to be taken out for a test drive.


Nissan Announces Pricing On All-New 2009 370Z Coupe

Nissan Announces Pricing On All-New 2009 370Z Coupe

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) gets an early start on the new year with the announcement of pricing of the all-new 2009 Nissan 370Z Coupe and a revised marketing tagline.  The new Zâ goes on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)* starting at $29,930 for the 2009 Nissan [...]


Nissan 370Z NISMO S-Tune coming to the States in June

Click above for a gallery of the Nissan 370Z S-Tune

Nissan's latest Z-car has hit the ground running in the U.S. and Nissan may begin stirring the pot to ratchet up excitement another notch. Although we usually have to wait for the extra goodies launched in Japan to make the trek to the States, rumor has it that the factory NISMO S-Tune kit will migrate over the Pacific in short order. In addition to the coupe's already aggressive bodywork, a ground effects kit designed to improve aerodynamics will be part of the package, along with a new set of deep dish, five-spoke aluminum wheels and upgraded suspension and brake kits. A cat-back exhaust system rounds out the bits and pieces. If the rumors hold true, we can expect to see the NISMO S-Tune 370Z kits on dealer shelves sometime in June.


Will The Nissan GT-R Blend?

The widely popular and oftentime misunderstood webshow, Will It Blend?, tests the world's most powerful blender against the claimed "world's fastest production car," the Nissan GT-R. So, will it blend?

Godzilla could out run the Porsche 911 Turbo on it's home turf, but can it outwit the world's most powerful blender or will it be outgunned and finally laid to rest by the BlendTec Total Blender? Watch and find out.

[via YouTube]


Shadow Sports Design planning custom Nissan GT-R for Tokyo Auto Salon

With the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon looming, Japanese tuning houses are coming out of the woodwork with a bevy of customized Nissan GT-Rs. Now, the latest Japanese tuner to tinker with the mighty GT-R is Shadow Sports Design, a company headed by former Nissan racing driver Masami Kageyama. While the full list of modifications has yet to be revealed, Shadow Sports has released some photos of a custom GT-R that it plans to unveil the upcoming Tokyo event. Decked out in white, the Shadow Sports Design GT-R features a number of aerodynamic modifications designed to improve downforce and handling.
Zele carbon kit for the Nissan GT-R


Nissan dealers to skip Detroit show at company's request

Industry cutbacks, especially in the areas of advertising and marketing, are taking more and more visible forms as carmakers such as Nissan decide to skip major shows such as the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Previously, though the company itself had decided to pull out of the show, local Detroit-area dealers were planning to offer a Nissan presence out of their own pockets, but due to a request by Nissan, that won't be happening either. The decision to skip the Detroit show makes good sense on Nissan's part: they just unveiled all of their new or significantly redesigned cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November (including the 370Z, the Cube and the Infiniti G37 convertible).


Nissan to showcase 15 exciting models at Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe

Nissan to showcase 15 exciting models at Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. together with AUTECH Japan and Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd. will present 15 exciting models equipped with the latest custom and after-market parts in the upcoming “Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 with NAPAC” (Japan Car Parts and Aftermarket Promotion Association), to be held from January 9-11 at Makuhari Messe, and the “Osaka [...]


Race Spec Nissan GT-R Headed to Le Mans?


What’s this? If these rumors (just rumors at the moment, pal) turn out to be true, Nissan could bring its highly impressive GT-R to duke it out with the big boys at the Le Mans 24 hour race.

I say good. Racing improves the breed, in the first place, and in the second, I think that Nissan should throw down with the GT-R.

Posting good numbers in the car books and hot lapping the ‘Ring as quick as a Porsche is one thing, but if you want me to take you seriously, you’re going to have to go racing, and go racing for real. And Le Mans is about as real as it gets. Twice around the clock at that place is a grind unlike any other, and not as easy as some marques make it look.

Just ask Nissan or Toyota. Both of them had high profile, high buck efforts to win at Le Mans, and both came up short. Repeatedly.

So now, supposedly, Nissan wants to bring the GT-R out and see how they fair against the big boys over the course of 24 hours, day or night, rain or shine?

Bring it.

If you lose, at least you’ve gained some valuable experience, and hopefully it points out the week spots in your car. And then you can make the GT-R better (I know, for you fan boys, how can it get any better than it already is?). If you win, not only do you get to fold the engineering knowledge you’ve gained into the next gen GT-R, but the advertisements almost write themselves.

Source: AutoBlog


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