Transmission Goes BOOM: Samurai Speed Nissan GT-R Blows Tranny At Drag Strip

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone is bickering over Nissan pulling the plug on launch control on the Nissan GT-R… well maybe just the GT-R owners and those who plan on purchasing one. This may be one reason they pulled the launch control on the GT-R, the transmission just can’t handle it maybe? Well, this GT-R had about 700HP so I guess something is bound to break!

Below is a video of the Samurai Speed Nissan GT-R blowing a transmission at the drag strip. You are supposed to see a Nissan GT-R run a time of 10.5 seconds at 128 MPH in the quarter mile but not this time. One GT-R makes it, the other is not so lucky. This is the sound of $20 grand going up in smoke… literally. God bless the owner of this car because he will have to pay out of pocket to fix this one. I am sure it wont be an issue considering the second video shows that this GT-R is tuned and that takes a bit of money!


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