Australian firm working on beefed-up Nissan GT-R gearbox

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Rumors, reports and even the odd video of its slick dual-clutch AWD gearbox grenading itself into oblivion have plagued the Nissan GT-R since shortly after its release into the wild. A short while later we learned that using the undocumented AWD launch control feature could void the relevant sections powertrain warranty, Nissan followed that up with a decision to strip the troublesome feature from 2010 models. Now a team of Aussie engineers from Pfitzner's Performance Gearboxes (PPG) are working to become the first to offer a more durable upgrade alternative for those that insist on relentlessly hammering their trannies at the strip. So far little is known about the mechanics underlying the upgrade, but it's being built for Samurai Speed and Titan Motorsports who are cooperating on a 600hp+ (447kW+) engine.


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