Power Enterprise offers up to 650-hp upgrade for Nissan GT-R

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

If the 475-hp is not enough for you and your Nissan GT-R, Power Enterprise has announced two performance upgrades for Nissan GT-R owners. First up is the 35GTR 560-hp upgrade kit which includes P-Map ECU, PWR Air Impulse II air filters and intake piping kit. Next is the 35GTR 600-hp kit which adds a Supersonic Titanium 89mm diameter exhaust and upgraded wastegate actuators to the first kit.

Power Enterprise says it is also working on a Power Enterprise Four Charger System. What is Power Enterprise Four Charger System? It adds a pair of Rotrex C30-94 superchargers to the already twin-turbo V6 setup of the standard Nissan GT-R. That’s good for a total of 650-hp

Power Enterprise will show the cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week.


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