First Look at Nissan’s GT-R Spec-V

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Nissan GT-R Spec V
Nissan GT-R Spec V

We’ve been waiting for this since the GT-R was first released. Finally, we get a few details on the upcoming Nissan GT-R SpecV - the modified big brother to the already super-fast GT-R.

Before we get into specs, you need to realize what this upgrade really means. If the GT-R is called Godzilla, then the GT-R SpecV is SpaceGodzilla - with the ability to modify gravity included (yes, I realize I’m a geek.) The GT-R set a record for completing the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife in an amazing 7 minutes, 29 seconds (later beat by the Corvette ZR1 by 3 seconds.) What this means is not only will the GT-R Spec V beat the Vette’s time, but will surely destroy the time, then eat the $105,000 Corvette for breakfast.

So, what’s been upgraded? For starters, Nissan removed the rear seats from the GT-R and swapped the front seats for carbon fiber buckets, lightening it significantly and turning it into a proper supercar. Nissan also swapped quite a few parts with their carbon fiber counterparts and attached some lightweight NISMO wheels, further lightening the car.

More details and pictures after the jump.

Nissan GT-R Spec V rear

Now, you didn’t expect the Ultimate Spec V version to stop with just losing a few pounds, did you? Of course Nissan would make plenty of performance upgrades to the engine, right? Well, we don’t know; they haven’t really said much about it. What we do know is that they’ve added a “high gear boost control device” which provides extra turbo pressure at medium to high speeds, increasing torque and allowing the engine to run at lower RPMs, increasing fuel economy. They’ve also added a new lightweight suspension, which will hopefully aid in handling. Also, all Spec Vs will come in the gorgeous “Ultimate Black Opal” color you can see below in the close-up photos.

That’s it? No turbo upgrades? No bore increase? Same transmission and engine? Hmm…unless they’re hiding some information from us, this is a piss-poor excuse for a Spec V. And to think, I got all excited over this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an increase in performance, and that’s what matters, but Nissan plans to charge around $170,000 for this car. That’s almost $100,000 more than the stock GT-R! Don’t call this a Spec-V if that’s all you got, Nissan.

The Spec-V will go on sale February 2 in Japan, and plans haven’t been announced for a North American release. If this is the end to the specs, that’s OK with me.

Check out the photo gallery below:

Nissan GT-R Spec V lip

Nissan GT-R SpecV rearNissan GT-R SpecV tailNissan GT-R SpecV wingNissan GT-R SpecV interior
Nissan GT-R SpecV badgeNissan GT-R SpecV interiorNissan GT-R SpecV rearNissan GT-R SpecV


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