Hennessey tunes the Nissan GT-R: 600-hp or 700-hp upgrades available

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

When you think of the word “Hennessey” you’re most likely to think of the prominent French winery. However, when you think of the words “Hennessey Performance” you’re most likely to think of a Dodge Viper or crazy amounts of horsepower in a true American muscle car. Well the company that’s 45 miles west of Houston, Texas is about to change all that with their latest performance upgrade offerings for the new king of Japan - Nissan GT-R - otherwise known as Godzilla.

The first performance upgrade package is called the Godzilla 600 and offers the Nissan GT-R 600-hp with a maximum torque of 570 lb-ft. The second package, the Godzilla 700, gives the GT-R 700-hp with a peak torque of 630 lb-ft.

Of course all this extra power is going to come at some extra cost. Besides the arm and leg that you’re going to pay for the Nissan GT-R, Hennessey is asking for $14,500 (installed) for the Godzilla 600 package and $24,500 for the Godzilla 700 package.


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