Hennessey unveils Godzilla 700 package for Nissan GT-R

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

American tuning workshop Hennessey Performance is renowned for its work with the Dodge Viper, but now the firm has reworked the formidable Nissan GT-R - taking it beyond supercar performance and up into the hypercar arena. Starting with the 2009 model-year GT-R, the Texas-based company upgrades power to a lofty 700hp (522kW) - over 225hp (168kW) more than the standard car. Peak torque has also been increased to 630lb-ft (853Nm). These figures are achieved through a number of upgrades to the GT-R's induction and exhaust systems, including a pair of new turbochargers, an upgraded boost controller, and new intercoolers to complement the blowers.


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