Toyota FJ Cruiser: Off-Road Test

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

868348-r1-02-22a.jpgOff-road capable SUV's are an increasingly rare breed. More and more of our roads are occupied by SUV look-a-likes that can hardly ford a burst water main or clamber over a vicious pothole-- never mind tackle the great American outback. Flying in the face of this trend towards soft-roaders and CUV's, Toyota recently launched their mud-plugging, rock-crawling FJ Cruiser. Huh? The carmaker responsible for more "cute utes" and hybrid half-breeds than any other now wants to mix it up in the rough stuff? No wonder the Japanese automaker invited TTAC to run one of their rigs at a two-day mudfest in Mount Olive, Alabama: Toyota's dirt cred needs a little help.

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