2009 VW Tiguan SE 4Motion Review

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eurostyling at a europriceFirst impressions last. And many are formed by the appellation given a child at birth by well-meaning parents. Guys named Percival, Chauncey and Marion know the answer to "what is in a name?" And now, Tiguan. Pronunciation? Is it TEE-gwan? TIG-yoo-wahn? Tig-WAHN? Any way you say it, Tiguan sounds more like some species of sub-Saharan reptile than a girlie soft-roader. Like that boy named Sue, Smuckers or Huckabee, any vehicle with a bizarre name better be able to stand up for itself. So is VW's new mini-ute good enough to compensate for its cumbrous cognomen (stupid name)?

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