Nissan reveals second-generation Cube on eve of L.A. Auto Show

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

The second-generation Nissan Cube has made its world debut tomorrow at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, with Nissan simultaneously revealing the car both in Japan and the United States today. The latest images reveal that Nissan's new Cube retains the catchy two-box design of its predecessor, but gets an overall smoother appearance. The car is an important model for Nissan globally as it is set to be sold in North American and Europe for the first time. The previous model was limited to Japan and a few other select markets. The new model offers greater comfort, a larger cabin and a host of innovative interior details such as sofa-like seating, a large glass roof panel that extends over the driver's seat for an open, airy view of the outside environment, and a shoji-style roof shade that fills the cabin with gentle light.

2010 Nissan Cube

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