Honda FC Sport Design Study foresees future hydrogen sports car

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

Honda has revealed today at the Los Angeles Auto Show a new concept vehicle powered by an advanced hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. Showing that alternative energy doesn't have to be boring, the new concept vehicle has been developed as a sporty three-seater and showcases the flexibility of Honda's hydrogen fuel cell technology. Honda is a pioneer when it comes to such technology, having built and delivered the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle to customers around the world. The latest concept vehicle, called the FC Sport, shows that the technology can be used in a vehicle with an ultra-low center of gravity, high power output, and supercar levels of performance. "The Honda FC Sport explores how to satisfy automotive performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petroleum," said Dan Bonawitz, vice president of Honda America.

2008 Honda FC Sport design study

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