Nissan Sentra Review

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

07_sentra_01.jpgSurrounded by four competing sedans, the Nissan Sentra looks like a hippopotamus amongst a pack of grinning velociraptors. It's as if the old model went on a Haagen-Daz bender after having its heart broken by a Renault Megane LE (Lothario Edition). And talk about late to the party. If you're young, stylish and sporty-ish, you buy a Mazda3. If you're young, stylish, play too much X-Box and want a handbrake like a photon torpedo release, you buy a Honda Civic. And if you're a veteran of the Crimean War or your personality's been surgically removed, you buy a Toyota Corolla. So what does the Sentra bring to the small car party?

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