Lexus LS600hL Review

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

08_lexus_ls600h_l_032.jpgLexus has gone green. That's right. The Japanese luxury automaker's website encourages actual and potential customers to explore eco-design and hybrid living. Meditative Asian music and beautiful nature photographs accompany the explanation: "Hybrid Living explores new ideas of how we can experience our lives in such a way that minimizes our impact on earth without sacrificing comfort and luxury." Kinda makes me want to fire-up an incense stick, slip on some sandals and go for a slow Sunday afternoon drive in an ecologically-tuned Lexus. But my inner cynic won't let me enjoy the ride. Despite Lexus' posturing, the two-and-a-half ton LS600hL doesn't run on herbal tea and happy thoughts.

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