FW: Nissan GT-R Wagon - Is It Real?

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Posted on: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:12 AM
Author: Larry
Subject: Nissan GT-R Wagon - Is It Real?


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The fastest Wagon on the plant! Well, not really. This vehicle of which appears to be a Nissan GT-R Wagon (Station wagon) is actually a Nissan Stagea/M35 (Autech Stagea) made in the year 2001 to 2007. This one is, obvious, fitted with a Nissan GT-R front end which is nicely molded into the rest of the Stagea’s body. The vehicle was spotted at the Nagoya Auto Trend 2009 (Auto Show) and first posted by gtrblog.

The M35 Stagea did sport a turbo charged engine (an older sibling of Nissan’s twin turbo charged engines) dubbed the RB26DETT but I seriously doubt that this one anything near the performance of a real Nissan GT-R. I hope this is not be beginning of Faux GT-R’s running around. All I can think of is a boy-racer in his riced-out Honda Civic with a full Nissan GT-R body kit. Gross!

Image removed by sender. nissan-gt-r-wagon-stagea Image removed by sender. nissan-gt-r-wagon-stagea-front-side Image removed by sender. nissan-gt-r-wagon-stagea-rear

Nissan Stagea/M35 (Autech Stagea)

Image removed by sender. nissan-autech-stagea-m35

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