2010 Fiat 500C - Auto Shows

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This drop-top cutey is a successful exploitation of the past.

The Fiat 500, built in Poland on the platform of the more pedestrian four-door Panda, has been a smash success in Europe. No wonder Fiat wants to keep the buzz going, and it is doing so with new versions such as the 135-hp Abarth, and a unique convertible, the 500C, which is being launched at the Geneva auto show.

Almost everybody thinks theCinquecento (Italian for "500") is adorable, and while it looks monstrous next to the classic 500, it is one of the most compact cars on European roads today. The retro styling is especially successful in the front, and the rear end is close enough to the original, as well. Both the exterior and the busy interior offer countless options to personalize the 500 in more or less tasteful ways.

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