Chevrolet Impala LS Review

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Impala front.jpgIf you want to judge a restaurant, don't order the chef's specialty.  Go for the hamburger or the omelet.  If the man in the funny hat prepares these prosaic dishes with the same passion he puts into his Suprème de Turbot Rôti aux Asperges Vertes et à l'Ail en Chemise, you have a winner.  The same applies to cars.  If you want to judge an automaker's prowess, check their basic models.  Scope the ones with standard engines and base interiors that hide in the back of the lots.  A few miles behind the wheel tells you more about the manufacturer's passion for product than anything their spinmongers could ever publish.  Which brings us to the Impala LS. 

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